Fertility solution should focus on couples and not just women

Why fertility solution should focus on couples, and not just women?

4 out of 10 fertility problems can be related to men

What it takes to get pregnant safely and naturally? Most fertility solutions are focused on women, but recent statistics point out that the father-to-be is an important factor in the process of getting pregnant.

While most of advanced fertility solutions target women, Fruitful App targets couples and its conception toolkit designed to address ho to boost fertility in men and women as one entity in the getting pregnant process.

Male fertility statistics in the US indicate that:

  1. Men and women share the same percentage of infertility causes 40% male, 40% females and 20% unknown. 
  2. 4 out of 10 fertility problems can be related to men. 
  3. The top 5 male fertility risk factors are: Overweight, diabetes, alcohol, age and smoking.

Male infertility is due to low sperm production, misshapen or immobile sperm, or blockages that prevent the delivery of sperm. Sperm density had fallen by 40% over the past 50 years. There are both known and unknown causes of male infertility- illnesses, injuries, chronic health problems and lifestyle choices. Smoking causes DNA damages to the sperm. Quit smoking can improve sperm quality. It takes three months to develop a new sperm and Fruitful supplement designed for male can help in this process if you follow its advisors' guidelines.

“Boosting male fertility after 35 can be done by increasing sport activity to 2-3 times a week, limit alcohol consumption, quit smoking and keeping a healthy diet,” explains Dr. Sharon Shmueli, Fruitful Family Practitioner. “Taking “Fruitful for Him” supplement on daily basis can increase your chances to conceive. This all-natural supplement can help in protecting sperm and improve its parameters. 

Fruitful Way offers a new, natural fertility toolkit for couples who are trying to get pregnant. It includes a unique, science-backed dietary supplement for him and for her with an advanced fertility app to make sure they will take the supplements on daily basis and will follow the fertility program efficiently. “One of the most important features of Fruitful App is that the father-to-be is involved in every aspect of the fertility process and as a result he become a full partner of this route,” notes Udi Alroy, CEO and founder of Fruitful Way. “This bonding is essential for the fertility success in two aspects: it helps the mother to-be to feel she has a true partner for this mission and emphasis on the male key role in getting pregnant.”

“Most of the couples who try to get pregnant are over thirty and they are not aware of the fertility risk factors of the male,” notes Dr. Shmueli. “Avoiding the man role can lower your chances to get pregnant. Fruitful can help couples to get pregnant by providing a complete program that refer both to man and woman and address their habits, lifestyle and risk factors.

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