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Trying to Conceive - Continuous Fertility (TM)

Continuous Fertility (TM) takes the day-to-day stress out of fertility because it breaks things down into smaller pieces. It keeps track of your fertility, ovulation, fertility window, relationship, stress as well as your nutrition, and helps you keep everything in sync!

One of the biggest problems with tracking fertility is that it can bring awkwardness to lovemaking.  If the woman is tracking her fertility, she naturally wants to tell the man when she’s fertile - but for many couples, this makes the woman feel like she’s become "the pursuer" because she’s always the one announcing when would be a good time to have sex. The woman often feels awkward about this - and of course feeling awkward makes it difficult for her to approach the man in a sexual manner.  

The man, for his part, often wishes he could be the pursuer at least sometimes - but tracking his wife’s fertility doesn’t exactly feel masculine to him. The Fruitful Way app is like that perfect "clue in" that lets the man know which days are good for sex, without him having to be told by his wife.  This puts the man in a position of empowerment, and relieves the woman from feeling as if she has to “hound” her husband for sex when she’s fertile.

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