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Treatments for female infertility

Treatments for female infertility

If a diagnosis of female infertility has been established, there are three primary treatment options: 1) medical treatment to restore fertility (for example, the use of drugs for ovulation induction); 2) assisted reproduction techniques (ART), such as in vitro fertilization; and 3) surgery to restore fertility (for example, laparoscopy for ablation of endometriosis).

Not all couples having trouble conceiving can access in vitro fertilization, as it is very expensive and often is not covered by insurance. In addition, concerns are increasingly raised about the technique’s possible overuse and unnecessary or premature use in certain situations.

Finally, the success rate of in vitro fertilization treatment remains relatively low (although it has improved over the past 3 decades). For couples undergoing in vitro fertilization, the use of fertility-supporting nutritional supplements by both women and men has been shown to increase the likelihood of pregnancy.

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