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Trying to get pregnant?

Trying to get pregnant?

Do you know the 4 parts of a successful Fruitful Way game plan?

You don’t need to be a sports freak to know that every game worth playing needs a good strategy. The same is true for many things in life, like getting pregnant. If you’re trying for a child in your thirties or forties, time is not on your side. You can’t just roll back the clock - there are no do-overs.

This is why you need a continuous fertility plan - one that gives you the best chances of conceiving, if you and your partner are ready to give it your all. The continuous fertility plan has four elements for success, and we’re not talking about leaving it up to those lucky leafy clover varieties.

1. Medical knowledge in a no-sweat app 
Sure, you could read a biology textbook on the science of getting pregnant, but what you really want is practical and actionable knowledge about your fertility cycle and conception. You probably want to learn how to best prep your minds and bodies so that you’re both at peak fertility - how to get and stay in good physical and emotional health when you enter the ring. 

2. Nurturing your relationship
Ok, so this one might be as obvious as “sperm plus egg equals baby,” but we all know that with busy, hectic lives, babymaking really is about where the spontaneity of romance meets the precision of a predictable ovulation cycle. Having an app that can help you with knowing your fertile window, ideas on igniting the spark and then remembering when to light it is the basic cornerstone of any plan. And, everyone can use some pointers on keeping stress in check and ideas for fun and intimate activities to prepare for your fertile window. Keep in mind that it’s a good thing that in humans only one person has a fertile window. Imagine how hard it would be if both of you needed to sync your biological schedules?!

3. Nutritional supplements and lifestyle management
To be in top health, you want recommendations on exactly what supplements to take – ones that are based on scientific facts and supported by clinical research. Listen, men, we’re talking to you, too! You’re a full 50% of the conception equation, so you need to know what nutrients you need as well. A robust fertility supplement app also gives you timely reminders to stay on track.
As informed decision-makers, you want to know how your lifestyle choices – both “his” and “hers” – impact your conception potential and what you can do to up your chances.

4. Personalized plan for meeting your goals as a couple
As unique individuals, there’s no reason why your plan for getting pregnant needs to be exactly the same as the next couple’s. With an app that gets to know you both, you can follow a plan that harmonizes your individual needs with your partner’s - with ground rules, if you will, for working together. At the same time, each of you can independently set and manage your own parts of the plan. 
When it comes to supplements, generic dosage instructions on the bottle are not enough to match your specific body and lifestyle, which is why a good plan includes an app that can tailor the dose specifically for you.

Enjoy the game and play to win
For couples newly drafted into the fertility league or veteran players who have been trying to get pregnant for a while, why leave it up to chance, when you can leave it up to science? The right game plan, one that covers all the bases, could be a true game changer.


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