Shorter / Longer Menstrual Cycle

Shorter / Longer Menstrual Cycle

Menstrual cycle longer than 35 days or shorter than 24 days requires a more accurate methods to determine ovulation. 
If your cycle is not an exact 28 days, you should calculate your ovulation dates by deducting 7 days from the end of your cycle ( for example a 33 day cycle would be 33-7=25). 
We are not identical, different women have different length of cycle and this is not necessarily abnormal. 
A clockwork cycle lasts on average 28 days. However, while a 28 days cycle is considered typical, many women have regular cycles that are either shorter or longer while other have irregular cycle. 

women who have a very erratic or very short/ long cycles should consult their doctor as they could have hormonal imbalance between estrogens and progesterone. 
These imbalances could have various causes that could also be affected by nutrition, health and wellness. 

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