Understanding Talcum Powder's Influence

Understanding Talcum Powder's Influence

Understanding Talcum Powder's Influence

By: Olivia Dungee 


September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Although many women go into the doctor for their physicals every year, ovarian cancer continues to impact the population. Heredity certainly is an influence, but there are environmental concerns to focus on too. The use of talcum powder by women has come into sharp focus as of late. In the spirit of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, take a closer look at talcum powder and its link to cancer. 

Talc Basics 

Talc is actually a mineral found naturally in the Earth. It's prized for its ability to absorb moisture while offering a friction-free environment. Talc is the main ingredient in talcum powder. 

Because talc is a natural substance, it makes sense to use it instead of synthetic products. However, many women are coming forward and reporting that talcum powder is the reason for their ovarian cancer, reports CNN. This accusation is sending shock waves through the nation because generations of women have used this product on a regular basis. 

Popularity Within Cosmetic Products 

Talc is abundant, easy to access and affordable for product-manufacturing purposes. It's actually found in many different products. Face powder, medications, baby powder and chewing gum are examples of talc-based items found within society. 

This mineral offers functional value, such as improving the texture of a product, without being a truly active ingredient. For these reasons, women are often exposed to talc throughout their lives. According to the National Center for Health Research, hundreds of women will now have a higher rate of ovarian cancer than without the exposure. 

Potential Cancer Link 

Women who've developed ovarian cancer are concerned about the talc found in baby powder. Some of these women have placed the powder on their private parts for decades. They claim that the cancer is the result of this talc exposure. 

There's no definitive way to prove this claim at this moment. However, talc is commonly found with asbestos deposits in nature. Asbestos does have a proven record of causing cancer through inhalation. 

In fact, some women develop lung issues along with ovarian cancer. Breathing in the talc over long, time periods might be the cause. More research is necessary to make a clear connection between talc and cancer. 

Knowing About the Effects 

The unknown factors surrounding talcum powder makes many women concerned. They're turning to other products as alternatives. There's still great worry involved however. 

Researchers continue to make progress with connections between cancer and talc. Juries also continue with their deliberations in cases where women claim their cancer comes from consumer products. Both the physical and mental effects wear on women and their families today. A clear answer may help everyone deal with this ingredient and its function in the human body. 

Before women use any products on their bodies, it's important to read over the ingredients. Be wary of any questionable descriptions as Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month continues. Although talc isn't proven as a cancer-causing agent, it can be an influencing factor. The human body can flourish without beauty products used on a regular basis.



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