6 Tips All Men Must Follow To Improve Their Sperm Characteristics

6 Tips All Men Must Follow To Improve Their Sperm Characteristics

6 Tips All Men Must Follow To Improve Their Sperm Characteristics

Deciding to start a family and have a baby with your partner is an exciting new step. But it’s surprising for many couples to discover that it’s not always that easy to get pregnant right away. In fact, it can take many months and up to years for some. 

Successfully conceiving has to do with timing and the level of fertility of both the man and the woman. Because the man’s health is every bit as important as the woman’s when it comes to conceiving, men also need to take action on their fertility. 

There are a lot of factors that determine the health of a man’s sperm. Apart from eating right, taking your supplements, and staying stress-free, here are 6 tips for men who are eager to give their chances of conceiving a boost: 

1. Stop Smoking 
Smoking is just as bad for men as it is for women who are trying to conceive. Studies have shown that tobacco decreases the number of quality sperm in smokers. It hurts the antioxidant levels in semen which protect sperm from free radicals. Without this protection, motility, and ability to fertilize an egg is affected. 

2. Limit Drinking Alcohol 
If you’re trying to conceive a baby with your partner, drink moderately or if you can, avoid it altogether. Strong evidence that shows that alcohol can reduce your chance of having a baby. 
Dr. Patrick O’Brien, a spokesperson for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, says, “Excessive alcohol lowers testosterone levels and sperm quality and quantity in men. It can also reduce libido, and cause impotence."

3. Don’t Sit For Too Long 
Did you know sitting in front of the TV for too long or having a job that keeps you seated at your desk for most of your day affects male fertility? It can overheat your testicles, affecting the quality of your sperm. If you have a desk job, remember to stand up every so often. And limit the time you spend in one position sitting on the couch. 

4. Exercise Every Other Day 
While being fit increases your fertility, overdoing exercise can cause your body to overheat. Sperm is more likely to die when body temperature rises above 96 degrees. So if you’re aiming to lose weight and stay fit, it’s best if you stick to a balanced fitness routine by reducing the number of days per week that you exercise. 

5. Maintain Healthy BMI 
“Male obesity in reproductive-age men has nearly tripled in the past 30 years and coincides with an increase in male infertility worldwide. There is now emerging evidence that male obesity impacts negatively on male reproductive potential, not only reducing sperm quality, but in particular altering the physical and molecular structure of germ cells in the testes and ultimately mature sperm.”

6. Keep Your Cellphone a Safe Distance from Your Testicles 
While studies on whether or not cell phone use is linked to male infertility are limited, there’s at least one study that has shown that mobile phones may damage sperm’s viability and ability to swim resulting in a lowered sperm count. 

Many men keep their cell phones in their pants pocket and take calls using a hands-free device like a Bluetooth headset. This exposes their testicles to damaging radio-frequency electromagnetic waves. 

More studies are being conducted on how mobile phone radiation affects male fertility and if any DNA damage might occur. But until those numbers are in, is it really worth the risk? 

Reducing exposure is not that difficult. You just need to change some old habits like keeping it out of your front pocket and away from your testicles as much as you can. A front breast pocket is a better option.

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