6 Things You Should Have When Trying To Make a Baby

6 Things You Should Have When Trying To Make a Baby

6 Things You Should Have When Trying To Make a Baby

How ready are you to get pregnant? How in-tune are you with your cycle? How much do you know about your fertility and the habits that could have an adverse impact on it? 

If you and your partner are serious about trying to conceive and eager to welcome a baby in your lives, you should have these 6 tools that will help you through this incredible journey of baby-making, conception, and pregnancy: 

1. Fertility App 

Timing is everything if you are a couple trying to get pregnant. The conditions have to be perfect for the sperm and the egg to meet up for fertilization. 

The right fertility app will keep you both on schedule and alerted during those fertile windows. Apps are fun and functional and will help you share the responsibility and reduce the stress that is common for couples struggling with giving their fertility a boost. 

2. Nutrition Plan 

You and your partner should be conscious of your health months before you actually start trying to have a baby. 

It takes 90 days for the male body to produce new sperm. Therefore, by starting on your nutrition plan at least 3 months before you start to regularly have sex for the purpose of baby-making, the man can start to eat healthier and take supplements to ensure that his sperm is at its healthiest. 

Both the man and woman should be making better food choices and taking supplements that are tailored to counterbalance their natural nutrient deficiencies thus boosting their chances to conceive. 

3. Basal Thermometer 

The woman’s BBT or Basal body temperature is the temperature first thing in the morning. The BBT and cervical mucus can tell you when the woman is ovulating and ready to have sex to conceive. A Basal thermometer will take your BBT and help you predict ovulation based on the gradual rise of temperature that takes place during a woman’s normal cycle. 

4. Sperm-friendly Lubricant 

You’ll want to stay away from commercial lubricants that can negatively affect sperm motility which makes it harder for even the healthiest sperm reach the egg. Look for sperm-friendly lubricants that will help with sperm viability and motility that will encourage them to swim to the uterus. 

5. Pregnancy Tests

There are plenty of pregnancy tests to choose from on the market today. There are manual tests and digital tests; the decision is entirely up to you. Some brands can claim to detect pregnancy sooner than others and can tell you if you’re pregnant up to 6 days before your missed period!

6. Pregnancy App 

Congratulations! You’re pregnant! 

Track the week-to-week development of your baby and your bump! Your growing belly is a beautiful thing, and you’ll want to definitely preserve those memories for yourself and for your child to appreciate someday. 

The right pregnancy app for you will guide you through everything from nutrition to what you should pack in your hospital bag. It might even connect you with other expecting moms and a community who will support each other during this time that is filled with both understandable fear and excitement. 

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