5 Tips to Keeping the Romance Alive When Trying to Conceive

5 Tips to Keeping the Romance Alive When Trying to Conceive

5 Tips to Keeping the Romance Alive When Trying to Conceive

Trying to have a baby starts out as a very exciting time. It’s filled with sharing your dreams for your future child, saying you hope they get your partner’s eyes but your hair, and convincing the other to be honest about what gender they may secretly be praying for. 

You start listing names, and before you know it, you’re already discussing what age you’ll allow them to start dating, and you suddenly feel sad when you envision seeing them off to college. 

Baby-making is a lot like that moment when you and your partner finally decided to take the plunge. It starts off with a whole lot of excitement but it can swiftly become demanding and frustrating as the weeks or even months go by. 

Not everyone gets pregnant right away. And even couples whose sex lives were thriving before can start to feel that it has become a chore and may even begin to resent it. It’s hard to feel intimate and sexy when you feel forced into sex because it’s “that time.”

However, sex when trying to conceive doesn’t have to feel mechanical. And remember that being stress-free is essential for baby-making. Here are some tips to spark romance back into your relationship while trying to get pregnant: 

1. Sneak Off To a Mini Vacation 

Break away from your routine by taking a mini-vacation. It doesn’t have to be anywhere expensive or far away. Check into a hotel or a cozy bed and breakfast nearby. Squeeze in a couple’s massage and just relax! Sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery, luxurious sheets, and room service to get you in the mood. 

2. Get Creative 

Sex-on-demand can really diminish the spontaneity and romance factor. Create an element of enthusiasm by shaking things up. Move things to the living room or even a tent in your own backyard! Play dress up and fulfill each other’s fantasies. Discover some new positions together. 

Start sexting! Send each other playfully naughty texts throughout the day to get you both excited for some hanky-panky when you get home. 

3. Stay Connected 

Continue sharing those feelings of excitement you expressed when you first decided you were ready to make a baby. Keep that emotional connection with your partner as you talk about the future and how wonderful it will be. Relieve one another’s stress by continuing to communicate honestly.  

4. Be Spontaneous 

Yes, there are optimal times for you to conceive and by all means, take advantage of those moments. But no one said that you couldn’t get intimate with your partner anytime you felt like it. Do what feels right, when it feels right. 

5. Watch for the Signs Together 

Synchronize your schedules with an app that will help you share the moment during those fertile windows. It's a fun way to keep you both on track. Not only does it give you shared responsibility to watch for the signs, but it helps build the anticipation for those days you know that your lovemaking is going to be extra spicy and special. 

Sharing the responsibilities is an excellent way to lower your stress levels which have a major influence on romance and lovemaking. So connect, be there for each other, and take turns creating new and sexy ways to keep the romance alive!

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